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JORM: Java Object Repository Mapping

JORM (Java Object Repository Mapping) is an adaptable persistence service. It can be used to offer various personalities, such as one compliant with the CMP EJB specification (TM), another with the OMG PSS specification or another with the JDO (Java Data Objects) specification (TM).

JORM provides object persistency through different secondary storage supports, such as files, relational databases or object-oriented databases.

JORM is integrated with JOnAS to provide EJB 2.0 CMP (since JOnAS release 3.0 beta0), and with Speedo to provide mapping features to the OW2 JDO implementation.

Recent News

13 June 2003: prefetch support added.

JORM supports the prefetching in conjonction with the MEDOR query framework. This allows personalities such as Jonas or Speedo to fetch full object states in one query and to lasily incarnate objects memory based on the query results (e.g., no query needed when instanciating and loading entity EJBs). This feature has a major impact on performances.

27 May 2003: JORM embedded into Speedo.

JORM is now integrated to Speedo JDO implementation. See the Speedo home page for more details.

5 May 2003: support for object/relational legacy mapping available.

JORM now supports object/relational mapping for legacy databases. There is a full range of mapping rules for relationships that may involve first class objects (one-to-one relationships) as well as objects from generic classes (one-to-many relationships).

6 February 2003: JORM embedded into JOnAS 3.

JORM is now integrated to JOnAS 3 to provide EJB CMP 2.0. See the JOnAS home page for more details.

27 May 2002: JORM on ObjectWeb Forge.

The JORM project is now managed by a local ObjectWeb installation of SourceForge, powered by the Debian package ( debian-sf). Be careful, the CVS server has moved. See the JORM project page on ObjectWeb Forge.

25 March 2002: opening of the JORM project!!

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