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List of available mappers

This is the list of all mappers and submappers that are currently available with JORM.

Mapping to Relational Databases

There is a mapper for relational databases. It supports simple mapping rules such as "one class"/"one table" as well as more complex ones where a class can be mapped to several tables. Submappers are proposed in order to adapt mapping to specific relational database systems as there is still a lack of portability at the JDBC level. A generic relational submapper is proposed.

The following databases are explicitly supported as submappers:

Mapper Name Relational Database System Description Used JDBC Driver Tested Database Releases
rdb.db2 IBM DB2 Database System
rdb.cloudscape IBM Cloudscape Database System
rdb.firebird Firebird Database System 1.5
rdb.hsql HSQLDB Database System
rdb.mckoi McKoi Database System JDBC driver delivered with McKoi (mkjdbc.jar) 0.94, 1.02
rdb.mysql MySQL Database System 4.1
rdb.oracle8, rdb.oracle Oracle Database System



rdb.postgres PostgreSQL Database System 7.2.1-2
rdb.progress Progress Database System
rdb.sapdb SAPDB Database System
rdb.sqlserver Microsoft SQL Server Database System 8.00.194
rdb.sybase Sybase Database System

Mapping to Files

List of expected mappers

Mapping to LDAP

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